Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives. Reports have found that the risk of death in a house fire is reduced by more than half if properly maintained smoke alarms are installed. In recent years regulations have been changed. Is your rental home compliant? Arrange your inspection today.

Pool Safety Inspection

Is your pool compliant with the Queensland Pool Safety code? Arrange for our Pool Safety Inspector today. 

Termite Inspections

Brisbane is renowned for hosting many of the most active and damaging termite species. These species are capable of causing significant damage to a home in as little as six months.  Australian Standards recommends a termite inspection every 6-12 months. Because of this, every homeowner should also have a proactive termite management plan in place, to ensure full protection of their home.

Meth Testing

If you are buying an investment home or your dream family home, it just makes sense to test the house for Methamphetamine. By not testing before settlement, a dream home could turn into a nightmare, with potentially huge costs to decontaminate.  Not to mention potential health issues for you and your family.


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