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Meth Residue Found In Rental Property at Springfield Lakes

Rental home in Springfield Lakes found with Meth Residue

The Property

We were called out to a lovely rental home in Springfield Lakes by the property manager, who after evicting the tenants for non-payment of rent and calling in cleaners, found what they expected were drug-related items. From the outside, there were no visual signs that drugs were used or cooked on the premises.

Kitchen the tested positive to Meths

On entering the property, the distinctive smell of Methethamphetamine was smelt by our technician. To confirm that Meth was used on the property, we first targeted the common areas where we would expect to find Meth residue. These were the kitchen, lounge/dining areas, and the primary bedroom. By using a Rapid Test, we were able to get an instant result for meth residue. All areas tested positive. The other rooms were then tested in order to establish the extent of the meth problem in the house.

Rapid Meth test

Our Findings

Not all rooms were affected by meth residue. For the affected areas, we recommended a full detailed forensic meth test (NIOSH 9111). This forensic testing allows us to analyse

the level of contamination in individual rooms. We also recommended a full decontamination clean be conducted asap.

Rapid Meth Test showing a negative

The Results

The complete test results showed a low level of meth residue, and with a full clean, the house was back on the rental market within two weeks.

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