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Meth Testing Brisbane

Our Simple Four Step Testing & Decontamination Action Plan

At Results Home testing, we believe Meth Testing should be kept simple. As fully certified methamphetamine sampling technicians, we understand the importance of protecting your family, home and investment property from the harm of methamphetamine contamination.

Pricing for testing will depend on how big the house is and more importantly, how many rooms or areas that need testing.  For decontamination (if required), it will again depend on the size of the areas, including how many rooms that need cleaning.  We aim to create a plan that is both the most cost-effective while giving a complete remediation action to decontaminate your house to safe levels. We always fully communicate with you about any work required and this work will be fully quoted on before commencing.

Step 1: RAPID ONSITE TESTING from $320.00

Rapid onsite meth testing carried out by our NIOSH 9111 trained technicians allows us to determine instantly if meth is present and in which rooms. This test is great for end of lease checks and pre-purchases testing.  It will give you clear and accurate “on the day” results, which we will supply to you with a detailed report.  This includes photos of areas tested and any recommendations. 

If the results are negative, then you will receive a comprehensive report for your record showing the house at the time of testing returned a negative result for meth and this will be the only cost.  If the testing comes back positive, we will know exactly which rooms are affected and then a plan of action can be formulated.

Onsite Meth Testing
Lab forensic meth testing

Because we have already conducted a rapid onsite test that returned a positive result, we can now target a more comprehensive forensic meth test as recommended by NIOSH 9111.  This forensic testing allows us to analyse the level of contamination in individual rooms, which means that after the results are returned from the lab, it enables us to determine what decontamination is required.  We will always recommend a full forensic test if it is suspected that a meth-cooking lab was operating in the house.    

Meth Decontamination Cleaning

Let’s cut through the hype... you do not need to completely renovate the premises if a low level of meth is found.  Meth contaminated homes do not need to be remediated expensively. There are processes to follow, and an understanding of the equipment and chemicals required, however generally meth decontamination is not very difficult at all if you get the chemicals and processes right. We engage and work closely with trained decontamination cleaners to ensure your home is made safe and tests negative for meth. 

Working for you to make the house safe again.

Armed with the lab test results, we will engage independently trained decontamination cleaners that work to the Australian Guidelines and Standards for decontamination. The cleaners will target the known areas, which will ensure that we can quickly make your house safe again. Sometimes we will recommend removing and replacing items like blinds, extractor fans and even carpets if required.  But we will consult with you and the cleaners before final decisions will need to be made.

Step 4: RETEST from $255

The aim is to ensure that all areas that tested positive in the initial testing now retest as negative. Once we get the "all clear" from the cleaners, we will retest all areas that initially tested positive, looking for a negative result.  Once we have achieved this, we will submit a detailed report with the results.  More importantly, you will be able to rent, sell, buy or move into the home with total peace of mind that the house is safe to live in.

24 hour 7 days a week, meth monitoring system from $750

If your rental property or hotel is in a high-risk area or you have a property that has a high turnover of tenants, then the Meth Breaker monitoring system could be an ideal choice for you. The Meth Breaker is a real-time meth detection alarm, negating a property owners responsibility to continually have each property tested for meth even as new tenants move in or out.

Meth Monitoring System
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