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Meth Inspection Brisbane Homes

Assisting homeowners, property managers and landlords with a meth (p) testing service.

Taking the myth out of Meth Residue testing

There is much hype and confusion around the need to, how often and whose responsibility it is to get a property tested for Meth. Please read on and let us help take the myth out of meth testing and meth decontamination for you.

Meth residue testing effective, affordable & trustworthy

Our Meth testing services are only performed by accredited and experienced technicians using approved test kits and the highest standards of safety.  We are fully insured, licensed and accredited for your complete peace of mind.   Testing is generally over a 100 × 100 mm area where air movement takes place, ie, two-thirds of the way up window or door jambs, extraction fans and light fittings and light switches, anywhere where the smoke residue is likely to be deposited. 

How We Test For Meth

To ensure that there is a genuine need for costly detailed lab testing we will always start with a Rapid onsite test.  The rapid test allows us to target known areas of a house that may have meth residue, this way if we get a positive result we can straight away pinpoint the problem rooms and areas of the house.  Many companies will offer a baseline composite test which means multiple samples throughout the property are taken and sent off for laboratory analysis to determine whether residue levels are above Australian safety standards.  

It has been proven that the composite testing method often gives an incorrect (higher) reading and sets up the homeowner for more expenses as a follow-up test is needed to determine which areas are at risk. And some companies use these readings to pressure homeowners or property managers into overpriced and unnecessary decontamination costs.

Meth testing Brisbane
Meth Residue testing in Brisbane

The Truth Without The Scary Hype

The chances that your house has been used as a meth lab is very low; both here and overseas the percentage of dwellings tested for meth that give a positive result to indicate that the house was used as a meth-cooking lab is as low as 1%.  For you, this means that the likelihood that your home was used for baking meth will be extremely low. It is also noted that the incidence of methamphetamine manufacture in houses is becoming increasingly rare, as the majority of meth is now imported cheaply from Asia.

Taking in the comprehensive report done in New Zealand from The Chief Science Advisor, Peter Gluckman, found there was little scientific evidence of major health risks in houses where meth was smoked.  Houses, where meth is produced is still considered a health issue if the levels read 300 µg/cm² or higher.

The outcome from the Gluckman Report is that if a house has been tenanted, it is probably still worth testing. If the test results come back with a positive reading for methamphetamine, then by having a home cleaned by professional decontamination cleaners using sugar soap or common commercial grade cleaner will reduce the levels to a satisfactory standard. 

Small amounts of methamphetamine exposure can irritate eyes, breathing difficulties, maybe dizziness and headaches.  But to put this into perspective, so will a house that has had heavy tobacco smokers in it.

We like to work to real results and deliver actual outcomes that are based on facts, not hype. Click below to find out more about our testing procedure 

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