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Meth testing

Practical advice for homeowners, landlords and property managers

property managers
Meth testing for Property Managers

Property Manager 

Meth testing has now become the best practice for all property managers when providing rental homes for tenants. Not testing a property before new tenants move in may set up your landlords for potential loss of income and large decontamination costs.   Testing is always best conducted both before and after tenancy to ensure that the property is meth free and to avoid future tenancy tribunal disputes.  At Results Testing, we set up a plan to ensure that properties managed by you are tested at the right time to protect the landlord and the new tenant.


As a landlord, you need to protect yourself from a potential loss of income and large decontamination costs.  We highly recommend that your investment property is tested for Methamphetamine before the current tenants bond is paid back. A full test report for a clear house is also ideal for new tenants moving in.  This achieves two things.  Firstly, the new tenants know the property has and will be tested.  Secondly, should it test positive when they move out in the future, then they are unable to blame past tenants.

Meth testing and cleaning company
Meth House Inspections

Pre-Purchase Testing

If you are buying an investment home or your dream family home, it just makes sense to test the house for Methamphetamine. By not testing before settlement, a dream home could turn into a nightmare, with potentially huge costs to decontaminate.  Not to mention potential health issues for you and your family.


Pre-Sale Testing 

If you are selling an investment property, we recommend that you have it tested for Methamphetamine.  Just like pre-purchase inspections are now the norm, testing for Methamphetamine is becoming common before settlement.  The last thing you need is a sale to fall through due to a positive test result.  We recommend testing for Methamphetamine before settlement, and a good test result can be a great sale point.    

Meth testing for homes in Brisbane
Tennant Meth Testing

Tenant Meth Testing

You have moved into your new rental home, unpacked all your belongings and made the house your home, only to find that you and your family are starting to feel unwell.  If the property manager cannot or will not provide results on a meth test before you taking up the new lease, we do recommend that you get a meth test done as soon as possible.  Your good health is important, and it is worth knowing the truth about possible meth contamination.   


Motel/Hotel Testing

As with the rise of Bed bugs has been a big problem for Hotel managers, so is the increase in Meth usage.   Motel/hotel owners and managers need to be aware of guests that pay with cash or who are residents and appear to be using drugs.  Not only are hotel rooms being used to deal drugs, but as a party drug, Meth is being used in large quantities by certain hotel guests.  Should management or staff suspect meth use, it would be best practice to have the rooms tested before new guests are booked in.

Methamphetaming Testing Brisbane
Drug testing for vehicles

Meth Testing Vehicles 

Are you purchasing a vehicle or caravan? Methamphetamine use is not just restricted to home use.  Often users will continue their habit while driving or as a passenger.  The cost to effectively decontaminate a vehicle including its air conditioner system may sour the joy of the purchase of the new car and could affect your health in the meantime.

Meth Testing Motor Vehicles
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